What Social Media Platform Should Your Business Be On?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to what platforms you are on.


If your product is visually pleasing then instagram would be a no brainer, if you’re interested in getting in to conversations with existing and potential customers then your go to should be twitter. Have a manufacturing process that you want to show off? Then a youtube video is the perfect opportunity for you to highlight that to your audience.


How many platforms you have depends on the size of your business – do not sign up for more platforms than you can post on – it stops you looking professional.  


On a lot of platforms you can actually schedule posts so rather than having to spend time thinking about original content you can schedule a few hours each week writing/creating your content and then schedule it to post automatically. This approach can work great if you’re a single person business or don’t have a person on staff who can look after your social media for you.


Twitter – Chances are people are going to have questions about your business/service/products there is an easy opportunity for you to engage with potential customers by answering these questions.


Instagram – Do you create a product? Or go through an interesting process to developer your product or service your client? Share snapshots of the creative or manufacturing process. On instagram visual is king so if you can share something cool then your audience will appreciate it. It’s important to post frequently on instagram because the algorithms that dictate how a post will be shown will be more favourable to those that post more frequently.


LinkedIn – The main business that will benefit from having a presence on LinkedIn is one that sells b2b. With that being said if you work within b2c you can still benefit vastly from the platform. LinkedIn gives you the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your authority in your industry and building your brand will do wonders for your business long term.


Facebook – The whole world is on facebook, I’d bet money you’re on facebook. Your business should be too. Any kind of marketing content that your business has can go on facebook whether that’s text, images, audio or video you can get it on facebook and get instant feedback. Your customers can engage with you easily and they can rate you – ratings that everyone else on facebook can see! In short, get on facebook and have your customers promote you to their network!


Youtube – Many people think that you need really good gear and a high quality – long term that would be the case but the one thing you need the most on youtube – and on all platforms is to be legitimately and unapologetically you. It doesn’t matter if it’s shot on an old iPhone If you can be real then your network will believe in you and your business.


Pinterest – If you sell products that are visually appealing then Pinterest – like Instagram can work incredibly well for you. Pinterest is fantastic at helping people to learn about your brand and makes it easy for them to arrive on your site.


Snapchat – People can be apprehensive when it comes to using snapchat, they think it is just for teenagers. That is absolutely not the case snapchat is your opportunity to show raw and real content to your potential and existing customers of the behind-the-scenes of your business. Show authenticity and you win.


There’s so many benefits to building your brand on social media that we couldn’t cover them on here. If you’ve got experience of doing it or questions on where you may be going wrong then please do leave a comment.


The only thing you need to remember is that you need to be authentic and in it for the long term, there may not be an immediate increase on your financials but long term once you’ve built our brand and you protect it then your business will be unstoppable.


If you’ve got feedback on what you want to see next then let us know!